[thelist] "Local" Hosting - why?

Mike Hardaker mike at angloinfo.com
Thu May 10 14:26:03 CDT 2001

> it a "language" thing - being concerned over hosting on a box in France if
> your French is rusty?

This may be OT, but...

Hosting in France (and I speak as someone with a business based there) is
and act of madness IMHO. Bandwidth is (relatively) limited, charges are
high-ish and over 50% of punters seem to use ISPs that proxy them through
non-French locations. AOL is a major culprit, but most of worldonline.fr
users seem to hit from the Netherlands, and so on.

When you add the US-based proxies to those that have better US peering than
intra-European, and then add in the cost equation, a US host makes *so* much

And, when a hosting company really does have 24/7 support, it's a
no-brainer, except when you have to make a telephone (rathe then e-Mail)
support call. And then, the biggest problem is finding a "real" number
rather than one of those damn 0800 numbers that can't be called from

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