[thelist] CF: Dynamic variables and Insert Statements

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 10 14:37:03 CDT 2001

Are you inserting them into a single record in the other database, or one
record per checkbox?  If the former, is that in one field as a list or does
the table have one field for each checkbox?

Is every check going to be inserted with an identifier saying whether it was
checked, or are only those records checked going to be inserted?

Ben Forta's book, which you can get at any major book store, Cold Fusion:
Web Application Toolkit is pretty good.  But probably more important is to
get a real good idea of exact what you are trying to do first.

This problem is a little tough because HTML does not return in the form
struct those checkboxes that are not checked.  So, you'll have to rely on
whatever algorithm generated the original form to recover the names of those
checkboxes the user failed to check--if you are interested in that
information.  If not, you don't have to go through that step.


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From: "Toivonen, Nicole" <Nicole.Toivonen at crt.xerox.com>
Subject: [thelist] CF: Dynamic variables and Insert Statements

> Hi there,
> I know this is probably easier than I think it is or something, but -
> I have a form with several checkboxes generated out of a database.  I need
> to insert the checked variables into another table on submission...
> Is there a good tutorial or explanation of this out there?  It seems like
> there should be, but I haven't been able to find it, or I'm not looking in
> the right places...
> Nicole.

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