[thelist] CF: Dynamic variables and Insert Statements

Toivonen, Nicole Nicole.Toivonen at crt.xerox.com
Thu May 10 14:54:18 CDT 2001

Hey, Thanks for the quick reply...

>Are you inserting them into a single record in the other 
>database, or one
>record per checkbox?  If the former, is that in one field as a 
>list or does
>the table have one field for each checkbox?

It's a single record per form submission, and one field as a list is what I
thought would be the easiest.

>Is every check going to be inserted with an identifier saying 
>whether it was
>checked, or are only those records checked going to be inserted?

Only the checked options are going into the DB.

>Ben Forta's book, which you can get at any major book store, 
>Cold Fusion:
>Web Application Toolkit is pretty good.  But probably more 
>important is to
>get a real good idea of exact what you are trying to do first.

I do have the book - unfortuantely, I haven't been able to find anything
that relates - I'm also stressed with essay-writing mania - that might have
something to do with my lack of either attention or ability to find stuff
right now;)

>This problem is a little tough because HTML does not return in the form
>struct those checkboxes that are not checked.  So, you'll have 
>to rely on
>whatever algorithm generated the original form to recover the 
>names of those
>checkboxes the user failed to check--if you are interested in that
>information.  If not, you don't have to go through that step.

Nope, no need for that one.



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