[thelist] CF: Dynamic variables and Insert Statements

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 10 15:23:24 CDT 2001

Here's a shortcut:

Give each of the checkboxes the same name, but set their values to be
different.  When they come in off the form, they should come back as a comma
delimited list with the name of the field name under the form scope.  All
you'd have to do is insert that into the database as a string!  Make sure
that you cfparam the variable to an empty string just before the insertion
just in case the user didn't check any of the boxes.


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Subject: RE: [thelist] CF: Dynamic variables and Insert Statements

> Hey, Thanks for the quick reply...
> It's a single record per form submission, and one field as a list is what
> thought would be the easiest.
> Only the checked options are going into the DB.

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