[thelist] RE: "Local" Hosting - why?

Mike Hardaker mike at angloinfo.com
Thu May 10 15:32:34 CDT 2001

Elegant. - although you'd need a monster lookup table to map various DST
settings on to given circumstances...

In my case, I want people to know whet time it is in France, even though the
server is in the States - so it's rather simpler :-)


Mike Hardaker
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> I was thinking about this, and I think I may have a really
> elegant solution
> for automatically finding an end-user's timezone.
> 1. Use javascript to find datetime
> 2. Do a document.write("<img width=1 height=1 src=\"dummy.asp?T="
> + theTime
> + "\">");
> 3. Compare the server's time with the user's time (truncate off the
> minutes).
> 4. Update the database with the appropriate time offset.
> Now you know the user's timezone without even having to ask!

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