[thelist] RE: "Local" Hosting - why?

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 10 15:34:44 CDT 2001

If you are truly interested in timezone, the you'll have to consider
daylight savings time.  The US may be one of the few countries that actually
does change hours twice a year.  And even at that, not all counties in all
states participate, I believe.  I know for certain that not all state that
fall within the same timezone necessarily participate... ie, New Mexico.
So, if you truly want time zone information, you'll need to do some more
calculations.  But, if it like you said, where you only want the local time,
then you technique is along the right lines.


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Subject: RE: [thelist] RE: "Local" Hosting - why?

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> what about daylight savings time?
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> As long as a kept it updated (every time they logged on), I'd just need
> offset to figure out the correct time to display.
> For my purposes, I don't need a timezone, just a correct local time that I
> can display when necessary.
> Does this sound right, or am I missing something?

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