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Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Thu May 10 18:28:00 CDT 2001

<tip type="Eat Right 4 Your Brain">
Flaxseed oil is wonderful stuff - contains essential fatty acids, 
some of which are essential for ... proper brain functioning! 
Especially if you're on a low-fat diet, you need to make sure you're 
getting adequate EFAs. A better blend if you're targetting brain 
function is Udo's Choice by Flora.

Want to know how to avoid the crash? Eat proteins AND carbs with 
every meal, and eat 6 smaller meals a day. Get your good fats. And 
put down those Mountain Dews, stop drinking straight out of the 
coffee carafe and nix the Snickers... they'll all keep you going for 
a little while longer, but you'll crash, and hard.

Oh, and get enough sleep :)
><tip type="Brain Food">
>Brain Pep capsules, Energy Green powder and flax seed oil were 
>recommended to me as how I can get all this stuff done without 
>cloning myself. I've been getting along with just as much energy on 
>4-5 hours sleep as I usually do on 7-8.
>- Erik Mattheis


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