DST [was [thelist] RE: "Local" Hosting - why?]

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Thu May 10 21:18:50 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 04:41 PM 5/10/01 -0400, Ron White bequeathed such tales 
as these:
>Indiana, Arizona, and Hawaii don't do DST.

Actually 77 counties in Indiana do not use DST with Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US 
Virgin Islands, and American Samoa as well.  Also the Najavo Indian 
Reservation in Arizona does use DST while the rest of the state does not.

>All the rest of the states do
>with a few county exceptions. Also, all of Canada uses it as well, I

Saskatchewan doesn't switch to DST.  The European Union observes the 
"Summertime period" instead of DST, it's generally the same though it has 
different start and end date.

>... And I think a couple of counties in IN near Chicago do use DST,
>but canna swear to it...
>Ron White

Either way there's lots of choices.  Oh and in Russia the clocks are ahead 
an hour in winter and another hour ahead during the summertime.  All these 
clock modifications to help save energy.
Peter Kaulback

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.

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