[thelist] XHTML & NS4 & window margins

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu May 10 23:25:51 CDT 2001

>and it's never recognized page margin attributes from CSS... this is
>nothing new, regardless of whether you call it from HTML or
>so, in the meantime, either allow the margin, or do the whole
>marginwidth/height thing...

Crud. I had a strong feeling it would be one of those: "deal with 
it," or mess up my validating code -- still I'll admit I had my 
fingers crossed and my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth hoping 
for a little known hack....

<tip type="OS X">
Thinking of migrating your Macintosh development machine to Mac OS X, 
but worried about losing all the extensions you depend on to get 
through the day?

Shame on you for installing them in the first place -- but rest 
assured that music, video, and a whole whack of useful TCP/IP 
utilities come installed out of the box. Yep: stick your cd in and 
the music player will query an online CDDB database and tell you what 
you're about to play -- very useful when you're too blind drunk to 
work out what cd you've just loaded, let alone sort out which 
variables you passed to that buggy routine.

Never mind, at least your cd player will work.
Andrew Forsberg

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