[thelist] DW4 - CSS editing in Codeview?

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Fri May 11 00:33:41 CDT 2001

Hi, Mark --

> From: Mark Cheng
> Q : how do I open a .css file in the code view?  I have already added .css
> to the "open in code view preferences", but when I try and open
> the file it brings up the CSS Styles box instead.

Somebody may correct me, but I don't think there's a way to open a file
tagged .css in Dreamweaver's codeview (I've never found one anyway). Your
best bet is to use a text editor. I use TextPad (sometimes Notepad) on
Windows and BBEdit (full or lite) on a Mac.

> also, if I'm handcoding the CSS, does the CSS Styles get updated?

The styles will be updated in the Dreamweaver CSS editor as you work in your
external program.

The advantage of working this way is that you can add comments to your
stylesheet (using the /* comment goes here */ style of commenting) and you
can do things in a text editor that you can't do in the DW CSS editor, like
pseudo classes.


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