[thelist] Re: ActiveX Security

George Dillon evolt at georgedillon.com
Fri May 11 01:22:46 CDT 2001

> > But answer came there none.
> Sorry, I saw your thread on my way out

Sorry too, John, if you thought that was directed at you... just a passing
"nobody's listening" observation :)

> (My main point was that, if you use a popular configuration, then you have
> the same risk level as others, and because this is a big fat target

Safety in numbers... like the millions of victims of
Melissa/Love-bug/Kournikova etc.?

> > since Flash is reliant on ActiveX (a M$ issue) it is simply not safe.
> Hmm, seems like a leap there... how do you get from "some may judge some
> ActiveX Controls to have some risk" to "the Macromedia Flash Player in
> ActiveX form is not safe"?

I always admire your spirited defence of all things Macromedic, and yes,
you're right, precisely speaking I should have phrased it elsehow, but the
result is the same... before I view Flash I have to say yes to ActiveX,
which I'm not satisfied is safe.

> If you'd like to avoid ActiveX Controls in general, then using a browser
> other than IE/Win is one easy path.

Or using IE/Win with ActiveX disabled... oops! No Flash.  Shame about
that... but I think I can live without it.

And even though nobody else is reading this thread, my attitude (wrong as it
may be) is not exactly uncommon.  Yes, I'm a "got Flash player" statistic,
but I'm also an invisible "never views Flasher".


Thanks again John for the answers.

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