[thelist] CSS - background image keeps repeating

sagar shukla sagar_a_s at hotmail.com
Fri May 11 02:54:16 CDT 2001

Here is the  solution which you requested. Your error was that you were 
simultaneously specifying the background color and the image so there was 
conflict in the selection for the background. So the solution for this is 
given below. Its working atleast on my system :

  <TITLE>Sagar's home page</TITLE>
  <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
    BODY {
      background: url(c:\sasfaq\ashweek.jpg) #a5a7c9;
	background-position: 50px 50px;
      color: black;
    <H1 style="color:red">Sagar's  Home Page</H1>
    <P style="color:blue">Test page testing the background image 


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>Subject: [thelist] CSS - background image keeps repeating
>Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 22:09:07 -0700
>Problem: Could someone please check the code below. I am trying to not have
>my background image repeat ... but it insists on repeating! What am I doing
>I've tried taking out background-position to no avail. I have tried taking
>out "fixed" but doesn't help. Tried background-attachment - no soap (and it
>doesn't work in NN4 anyway).
>BODY { "a bunch of other stuff" ;
>   background-color: #6600cc ;
>   background-image: url(background_purplegradient1.gif) ;
>   background-repeat: no-repeat fixed ;
>   background-position: 0px 0px }
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