[thelist] CSS to modify image links

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Fri May 11 05:48:12 CDT 2001

a img { border:0px } should do the trick. You might try a { 
border:0px } in addition to see if that helps too.

Depending on the doctype you're using, the border attribute (in HTML, 
not CSS) may not validate! :) So the following suggestion, while 
valid for some versions of HTML, isn't valid for XHTML Strict, for 


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>>  Fellow evolters,
>>  using images as links and for some reason ie55 is putting a 2px blue
>>  around the images.  I've tried resetting background-color, margins,
>>  borders, even text decorations but I can't get rid of the blue border.
>>  any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
>you _have_ done the following, haven't you?
><a href="/your/href"><img src="/your/image" blah blah border="0"></a>
>... haven't you?  without a URI to critique, it's hard to say :)
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