[thelist] DW4 - CSS editing in Codeview?

J. Blanchard jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Fri May 11 07:57:57 CDT 2001

the company I work for uses dw4 for development of web pages.  whilst i used
to let dw code the page I am now largely handcoding.

Q : how do I open a .css file in the code view?  I have already added .css
to the "open in code view preferences", but when I try and open the file it
brings up the CSS Styles box instead.

DW4 comes with a bunch of software on the CD, one being Homesite, another being TopStyle Lite (freeware). I have found that TopStyle provides a great way to create and edit CSS files. There are many convenient settings, like to show only CSS1 compatible items if that is what you want. Anyhow, we ended up buying TopStyle because of its ease of use. You can download the lite version at http://www.bradsoft.com/topstyle/download/index.asp


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