[thelist] deleted file after redesign

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Fri May 11 09:58:43 CDT 2001

On 11 May 2001, at 9:48, sales at iibiz.com wrote about 
Re: [thelist] deleted file after redesign:

> Take any and all old pages and paste the contents
> of your index page into it and reload it with the old file name. 

I generally use a different approach. After taking care of every link 
still pointing at that page, I load an almost empty new page with the 
same name, in which I offer a very brief explanation plus a few links 
(homepage, sitemap, search page) to let the user find his/her way 
around. I also add a metatag of NOINDEX, FOLLOW to encourage search 
engines to drop sooner or later the going-to-be-deleted page. 




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