[thelist] deleted file after redesign

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri May 11 12:58:09 CDT 2001

> ... and it's very annoying.  A lot of articles they use to have
> on the site got canned and now I just get dumped at the main page.
> I don't know what the best way is to handle missing pages.
> But this isn't the way.


whatis.com did something similar when they were acquired by techtarget.com,
they had nice urls like http://www.whatis.com/icejello.htm but these were
converted to a content management system and ended up looking like
(blechhh) and what's worse, old urls just dump you on their generic 404

but handling old urls gracefully and even using keyword url schemes *is*
possible, if somewhat challenging

just look at where these urls take you --


  for those not familiar with his work, jakob nielsen has a new book out
and chapter 4 (site design) is being published online in weekly segments at
  the most recent installment on navigation metaphors is quite interesting,
and includes a number of screen shots as examples
  of course, it wouldn't be a genuine jakob effort without boners --
    "Here, we have the [snip].
     On the facing page, we have [snip]."
  the web is not print, jakob, the web is not print


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