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Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Fri May 11 13:40:34 CDT 2001

I have had some success with non-OEM cartridges from printdoctor.net.  Much
cheaper than manufacturer's.  Sometimes they need a little more cleaning,
but the price makes up for it.

I have had no trouble from my Epsons.  Reliable, fast and inexpensive.


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> Hopefully, this won't be considered off topic as printers can be as
> as scripts, html and  OS' at times.
> Past decade I've owned inkjet printers made by Canon. Have been satisfied
> with their products, but since I need a new one, I was wondering if anyone
> knew about the 'refiller' type printers. Are they worth looking into and
> they really cheaper than the non-refillable cartridges and do they work as
> well?
> Anyone have any 'raves' about an inkjet model/manufacturer, refillable or
> not, $100-$300?
> Dan O.
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