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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Fri May 11 15:05:44 CDT 2001

Hi Dan,

I used to refill the "non-refillable" cartridges on my old H-P inkjet
printer.  I used an aftermarket device that looked like a hypodermic needle
from a really bad "B" movie.  You could refill a cartridge twice in this way
before you had to toss it out.  It DID save me a few bucks in the 'old' days
... YMMV.

[Experiential note: Take the cartridge and the ink outside - to a remote
area - to do the re-inking.  Don't try doing this in the house.  This
operation has (or at least it used to have) plenty of opportunity to make a
heck of a mess!]



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From: Daniel S. O'Shea [mailto:doshea at surfree.com]

Past decade I've owned inkjet printers made by Canon. Have been satisfied
with their products, but since I need a new one, I was wondering if anyone
knew about the 'refiller' type printers. Are they worth looking into and are
they really cheaper than the non-refillable cartridges and do they work as

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