[thelist] deleted file after redesign

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri May 11 16:40:42 CDT 2001

>The frameset is still the same (the names changed, of course), but the
>ads are now displayed by a PHP file with a different name and in a
>different directory.
>For some reasons the browsers keep requesting the old file.

I'm a bit confused too -- why would anyone bookmark an advert's 
frame? The earlier advice (put a dummy file or redirect in there with 
the same name as the old file) sounds ok -- but it smells a bit to me 
like you've got some links on your site that still refer to the old 
advertising program.

How about writing a php script that emailed the time and the 
referring page to you, and giving it the same name as the old 
advertising script? maybe the IP address would be useful too 
(depending on just how many of these 404s you get)? Then, try to 
recreate the problem.

Or just do a search through the site folders for any occurrence of 
the old scripts file name in your other scripts / html files.

Andrew Forsberg

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