[thelist] deleted file after redesign

Joxn joxn at vernum.com
Fri May 11 18:08:42 CDT 2001

Andrew Forsberg wrote:
> I'm a bit confused too -- why would anyone bookmark an advert's
> frame? The earlier advice (put a dummy file or redirect in there with
> the same name as the old file) sounds ok -- but it smells a bit to me
> like you've got some links on your site that still refer to the old
> advertising program.

This is *definitely* not the case. I checked twice and trice for such a
reference. I grep'ed through all the files and found nothing.

I doubt that anyone would bookmark the ads page as it was only used in
the upper frame.

The page looked like this:
|  ads  |
|  nav  |

And all I did was switching the ads page from shtml to a new PHP file.

However - even after *two or three months* - quite a number of browser's
keep requesting the old file...

*That* is the strange thing about this situation.

bye Jörn
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