[thelist] deleted file after redesign

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri May 11 18:29:37 CDT 2001

>The page looked like this:
>|  ads  |
>|  nav  |
>And all I did was switching the ads page from shtml to a new PHP file.
>However - even after *two or three months* - quite a number of browser's
>keep requesting the old file...
>*That* is the strange thing about this situation.

OK, well I definitely recommend either using PHP to start logging the 
IPs and referring pages to a separate local log file, or if there 
aren't that many cases of this, mail() them to yourself. It's easier 
than working your way through the server logs, since you can quickly 
see if, say, 99% of the calls to that advert program came from one IP 
address, or from one referring page. A human probably wouldn't get 
off on repeatedly visiting a 404 page, but perhaps a bot might? 
Perhaps the old advertising shtml was being 'used' offsite?

If you go with the mail option, and you're receiving lots of them, 
you could just get your mail client to filter the error messages to a 
specific folder.

And then, of course, make sure the standard 404 error stuff gets 
included, or the page is redirected, or whatever it is that you're 
using to handle that.

Andrew Forsberg

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