background-imaging (was Re: [thelist] CSS - background image keeps repeating

rudy r937 at
Fri May 11 19:43:12 CDT 2001

> background image worked bee-yoo-tee-ful in IE.
> Not even close in NN.

hi tamara

looks ok in netscape 4.77 and 6 -- what did you fix?

> ...  just out of wild curiosity, is it a viable way
>  to overcome the centering problem in NN??

hell yes

extra white space in a gif has no meaningful impact on file size

> Or, am I delving into the world of bad coding habits?

i figure whatever it takes to get the job done and still validate, although
as soon as i catch myself doing something hackish, i try to back off and
see if there isn't a simpler way

for example, i was going through a couple of articles on how to apply
centering --

  Centering: Auto-width Margins

  Centering: Negative Margin

and went with the first, as the second one just makes me too queasy

so go with whatever feels right for you, but don't assume it's working
until you've seen it in a few browsers

mozilla 0.9, for instance, is great because it will show you the booboos
that your page is *going to have* in the future, if you know what i mean

good coding has always been about simplicity and longevity

> And, since you guys tend to make me think real hard --
> why does that navy  table get all squished in Opera??

just opera's unique way of (not) balancing columns that don't have enough
content to fill a 100% table

netscape and ie do a better job, don't they?

you could give the td's a width percentage, but if the cell contents are of
different widths, like "softball" and "inline hockey," you wouldn't want to
assign the same percentage to the td's, because then some words would
appear closer together than others

you might try giving the LilLogo images plenty of hspace instead   =o)

that will work the same in all browsers and it will space the words out

go ahead and use <td align=center> as that will be good code for years


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