[thelist] Getting New Business

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Sat May 12 20:40:27 CDT 2001

Recently had a discussion with a friend who is also a one-person business.
She is a virtual assistant and I am a Web Designer; we both work from home.
She was asking me how best to promote her business and it got me to thinking
that I've never really grasped that either. She recently tried a Google
AdWords campaign, but no one contacted her. Think the competition is fierce,
both for virtual assistants and for web designers.

I still think advertising is important, but am not sure what is the best
value for your dollar. My Web Design teacher kept saying that the best way
to get known was to get as many reciprocal links as possible ... and word of
mouth (satisfied customers) who will refer you. Now, that was 2-1/2 years
ago. Have things changed? I don't know. But, we're all in the same boat as
to how to get more business.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"

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