[thelist] Getting New Business

Brad brad at beldamar.com
Sun May 13 01:54:42 CDT 2001

Referrals are the best source of business. Advertising on search engines and
others web sites is great, but generally produces very minimal results. When
your name comes up in conversation it is the best source for work.
Believe it or not, e-mail signatures work quite well too. I get e-mails from
people on lists all the time because they clicked on my signature link.
The best way to get work is to talk to people. Tell everyone you know, that
you are looking for contract work. Be sure to let them know what your
specialties are. Give your friends and family business cards. It is amazing
how many times your skills will come up in conversation.

And to Eric:
personally, I groan when I find out a
person can do everything from make a resume to analyze an Oracle
view, and oh yeah, I'm also a high-end audio consultant and I've
fixed several garage doors.

I would have to agree about making a website that portrays this. But
sometimes when you are trying to start out and get business this is very
important to tell your existing clients. If they are happy with what you
have done so far why would they try to find someone else to do other stuff
because it wasn't in your original scope. Tell them what you can do! Don't
flaunt it but make it clear that you have the ability to do more.

 Posting to developer lists at 11:30 on a
Saturday night gives a clearer indication that you're some kind of
inhuman freak, anyway.</snip>

Some of us actually have deadlines on projects that are unattainable. And we
work late at night on some weekends to try to achieve these goals. On these
crazy weekend nights, we tend to take a break by reading through and
answering e-mails. And I don't think of myself as inhuman or a freak but a
dedicated individual.

Brad Miller
"Our name says it all"

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