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Navin Dhanuka navindhanuka at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 13:30:00 CDT 2001

Getting New Business.!!

Thats How to market yourself.. or yourweb-product.

Daniel E. Boen [dan at the-plate.com] said, "I'm finding that word of mouth and
keeping your clients happy is the way it happens. "

Very True...

Even I have a mantra.
Never count your client as a single person, there is a whole lot of friends,
relatives, business accosiates who are asscoaited with him & to whom he can
recommend you.
But to actually make him market you to them, whynot give him some greed.

I tried this and this worked, I asked my client to get 10 new cliets for me
& after I receive my money from each one, I will return you 10% of your
web-site expenses.
Voila!! within a week I had 26 meetings. & 12 web-sites were don in the next
two weeks.

Donot try this formula everywhere. For some people time is money. they would
not jump for this cake. But there are some misers, who want to pay for a
small igloo but want Taj-Mahal.

Navin Dhanuka
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