[thelist] Getting New Business

bradclark1 bradclark1 at msn.com
Sun May 13 13:40:40 CDT 2001

Hello Everyone,
My name is Brad, but seeing as there is another, you can call me brad(little
I found the thread about "Getting New Business" enlightening as I'm thinking
of taking a very big stab at design and have been thinking about how to
"come across to people". Word of mouth seems to be the number one choice of
advertisment, and this leaves me with a semi-ethical question for in the
future. In my part of the state there is only one design/everything else
company. Their designs are rather drab, dull, and with little imagination.
I'm not talking about lack of flashiness, gizmo's and doomiwaddles. You look
at them and nothing clicks, if you know what I mean (To me anyway). I'm not
putting them down or dissing them either, its just my personal thought. I'm
working on two sites now, and have two more probably lined up, of which one
is a non profit and I'm donating my time thing. None of them could be
considered big jobs.
Now the ethics question.
This company has built sites for most of the businesses around here that
could use a site. Once I have finished my current line up I don't foresee
anything else in the near future. What are your thoughts on doing a
follow-up on some of their site's fishing for a redo.
On one hand I consider it a lowlife underhanded type of thing to do, but on
the other hand I think I could do somewhat better (again just my own

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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