[thelist] Animated gifs and speed

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun May 13 20:12:37 CDT 2001

> ahh, you mean this image, right?
> http://www.theforce.net/mailing_list/mailsite_button.gif
> FWIW, i'm on a 33.6k modem... a 230k page load never appeals to
> me, so i always appreciate very direct links...

Sorry about that. :(  Yes, I know the page is heavy in its present state.
Actually, thanks for the reminder. I'll work on it tonight.

> > Netscape 4.7 cycles twice as fast as IE 5.5 for me
> well, yep, it's going nearly twice as fast in NN3 as IE5 on win98...
> i've seen this before... what did you use to build the animation?
> where else have you tested it?  have you tried rebuilding it in a
> different tool?

It's not mine. It's Rockliffe's. I have never played with animated gifs. I
hate them like the plague, so I don't build them ... But alas, I'm stuck
with that one for a while. I just thought I was going crazy. I feel better
knowing I'm not alone in having a speed discrepancy.

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