Members' Skills was ...... Re: [thelist] Evolt Web Design Directory

Andrew Forsberg andrew at
Tue May 15 20:35:42 CDT 2001

>We got way to many smart people on thelist to continue this conversation.
>Therefore, I suggest it gets moved to thesite where it belongs.  At least
>there, the idea is that everybody participating is actually willing to
>*code* the tool, and not just talk it into gold-plate high heaven until it's
>so big nobody wants to tackle it.  :)

How about a SMS agent as well as the boring old email job agents?

Couldn't resist, sorry.

<tip type="Mac OS 9 TCP/IP Trouble">
Mac OS 9 has slightly improved TCP/IP support over previous Mac 
operating systems (although not within coo-ey of OS X, *nix, or 
Windows) -- but you may find that occasionally domain names take a 
*long* time to resolve themselves. Try removing all your DNS entries 
in the TCP/IP control panel (and your xDSL router if you have one), 
then restarting.

If you're really really lucky it will automagically find the best DNS 
IPs from your ISP for you. Your mileage will vary (probably each 
Andrew Forsberg

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