[thelist] Bookmark or Favorite?

Gebreselassie Johnny gebreselassie_johnny at bah.com
Wed May 16 15:31:12 CDT 2001

We prefer to call them bookmarked favorites.  Or sometime we call them our
favorite bookmarks.  Since these terms are not browser specific, and yet
they address both browsers.

Johnny G

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Though I fear I may be opening up an "e-mail" vs. "email" discussion, I
was wondering what word/phrase people use for general Web sites when
referring to adding a page to one's bookmarks/favourites:

- "Bookmark" (technically a Netscape/Opera term)
- "Add to Favorites" (an IE-specific term)
- or do you use a combination ("you can bookmark/add this page to your

And, for the non-Americans, if "Add to Favorites" is used, do you follow
the spelling in the browser ("Favorites") or go with "Favourites"?

Personally I lean toward "bookmark", and in the cases where I don't, I use
the "-our" spelling.


Craig Saila
craig at saila.com | http://www.saila.com/

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