[thelist] DNS Help!

Josh Spiegel joshsquared at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 11:32:39 CDT 2001

Hey Anthony,
I am hosting my DNS (IIS5) co-located. It is set up
using host headers.  I am making changes to the server
myself.  I have no problem going onto the server and
refreshing the DNS manually but I want it to happen in
my code each time somebody signs up for web hosting. 
I created the webservers in my code successfully. 
They work but I have to go onto the server and
manually reset the dns.   Yes, DNS is hosted on the
box that has IIS.  

I dont know what you mean by "pointing to".  The DNS
entrys are text files in C:\windows\sys32 etc.. .  But
the DNS works fine.  It just needs to be refreshed.  

>Who's hosting your DNS? How is it setup? Are you
making changes to the 
>server yourself? Is DNS hosted on the box that also
has IIS? On "your" 
>machine, where are the DNS entries pointed to??

>I am creating web servers on my IIS5 server via a
>fusion script I got from alaire.  IT works fine BUT
>the web server will not start working unless the DNS
>Zone is refreshed.

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