[thelist] A javascript question

Damien Cola damien.cola at synaptique.co.uk
Thu May 17 11:51:04 CDT 2001

Hi Erik, not wanting to flood the list (it seems there is much traffic
I am working on a web tracking system, so "something" and "something else"
are of
the form:
arguments =
"?first_arg="+top.location.href+"&second_one="+document.referrer+"etc.." ;

then I call
im = new image(1,1);
im.src = "http://domainname.com/script"+arguments ;

so that the web server logs the whole line, which gives more infos than
those sent along with a GET http request.

the logs files of the web server will then be processed by batch programs,
which will separate the relevant bits of information for doing statistics.

thank you, have a nice day.

> >In one script, I use
> >variable = "something"+top.location+"something else" ;
> I can't tell what you're doing with this, but maybe try:
> variable = eval("something"+top.location+"something else");
> I'm curious to know what the possible values are for "something" and
> "something else" - a window name and variable name in a frameset?

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