[thelist] IMail and Cold Fusion

Chris Johnston chris at completeimaging.com
Thu May 17 12:20:04 CDT 2001

Do you have access to the ColdFusion administration server? If you do, you
can set the log part to record everything regarding outgoing mail. Then
check the mail log and see what the error is exactly. Also, if you have
access to the admin server, see if you can get ColdFusion to connect to the
mail server. These may help in trouble shooting the problem.

One other thing is to check the mail directory on the ColdFusion server. In
that directory, you will find a folder for undeliverable mail. This will at
least tell you if the mail is even getting to the server.

I must agree with you, trying to troubleshoot mail problems in ColdFusion is
a little frustrating.


-----Original Message-----
I am trying to use CFMAIL with our Imail Server.  I
have used CFMAIL successfully when I was on other
servers not administered by me (those were the days
*sigh*).  Now when I use cfmail it just doesn't work.
It doesn't give me an error or anything.  It just
doesn't work.  I have email accounts setup ie
mail.blahblah.com.  Is there something special I have
to set in Imail to allow me to use the smtp server in
my code?


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