[fwd] RE: [thelist] cookies

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri May 18 22:29:37 CDT 2001

Hi Johnny!

Gebreselassie Johnny wrote:

[snip drunken/lack of medication induced rant]
> new link.  And as for all this mac os 9 crap, I could care less about a
> mac
> and IE for the mac.  I support Windows IE and Netscape everybody else who
> wants to run linux (Which I am a fan of but only for servers) and Mac OS
> whatever is on their own thats their problem.  Opera is not a mainstream
> browser you worry about whether or not the less than 1 percent of the
> web's
> population who uses it can view your webpages, personally I could care
> less.

Hey, thats cool. For those of us that develop for websites that get a 
decent amount of traffic, 1% can be a large number of people.

> They can download ie it's free.  And you don't need to go to a website for
> cookies.  Theirs not that much to them, you set them, they can either be
> temporary or permanent, they can say anything you want thats it see the
> script below, and I didn't have to read a whole website for that.  With
> all
> those websites you people go to you still couldn't tell me how to send an
> email using javascript for netscape.  So basically the way I see it is
> your

Thats "you're" for future reference.

> no brighter than the average developer you just talk more "web trash."  As

Yes, we're nothing more than average developers. Some of us are pretty 
good developers, others are just starting out. Average.
Your obviously superior knowledge of the web development business puts 
us all to shame, and I feel inadequate even replying to this message 
that was sent by such an obviously genius mind.

> for me I'm going to go home to ride my mountain bike. Being on a listserv
> with people like you is enough to drive a man INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously you've been on other listservs with people like us before 
joining thelist.

> p.s. to the admins
> Nobody wants to wait two days to have their message posted on a listserv,
> because they have a suspicious Header (Send Mail Error) Whats so suspicous
> about that you ...(out of courtesy)!

Because you're sending HTML formatted email which, if you bothered to 
read the first email you got after joining thelist, isn't allowed here 
for a number of reasons. If you didn't want to have to wait two days for 
your message to get posted, you should have followed those simple rules. 
Simple rules like that obviously escape genius minds likes yours. I'll 
try to take that into account in the future.

Watch out for speeding buses on your bikeride, and remember to wear 
black!!! :)


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