[thelist] Downloading .jpg & .pdf files

Discovery Systems info at discoverysystems.com
Sat May 19 17:15:53 CDT 2001

Hey aardvark..

Thanks for the insight and very much agree on the shivers that start just
thinking of any one messing around with my file system!

However, this is for a corporate site (yeah, yeah - I hear you, no 'excuse'
to 'break the rules'). The info in the .jpg and .pdf files are already on
the page the peruser will be viewing (just in a bit different format) - the
download allows them to save out what they've already seen.

Also, because this is a corporate site, we don't need to accommodate
browsers less than NN 4 and IE 4. So... back to my question... any commands
to send that will download a .pdf/.jpg via a simple link?


on 5/19/01 5:07 PM, you wrote:

> in both of these cases you'll have to rely on educating the user...
> not everyone wants to d/l the file, sometimes they want to 'preview'
> it before they download (never mind that they've just downloaded it
> to preview it)... also, as one user, i have a very specific download
> directory that i use... if any site ever tried to change that, and i
> knew it, i wouldn't be coming back... ever... smacks too much of
> playing with my file system, which gives me the willies...

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