[thelist] Screen Resloution Detection.

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun May 20 17:13:15 CDT 2001

> From: Paola Kathuria <paola at limitless.co.uk>
> The following article has been mentioned here before but it's
> worth repeating that browser width is more important than
> screen resolution.

thank you for reiterating that point... while we've finally gotten people to 
recognize the monitor *size* does not equate to resolution, we seem to still 
be having trouble getting people to recognize that screen resolution does 
not equate to *window* size...

> The Myth of 800x600, by James Kalbach
> http://www.webreview.com/2001/03_16/webauthors/index01.shtml

a good article, that one... it also links to an article here on evolt.org, which 
offers both script to gather the info 
(http://evolt.org/article/list/17/2295/index.html), and the results of a 
sampling of users (http://www.evolt.org/article/list/20/2297/index.html)...  
there are some handy links in that second one, as well...

> Paola, with screen res of 1024x768 & browser drawing area of 600x750

1024x768, 738x553

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