[thelist] Screen Resloution Detection.

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> I made Vapson.com in 800x600 resolution, but my client was using 1024x768,
> while most of his target customers use 600x400.
> We finally decided to make the site for all the versions. (We are working
> the new layout.)
> Is there any other way to cope up with the resolution difference problem.

Geez, making different versions for different resolutions seems like a big
waste of time to me.
There are 2 ways of making a design for a website : either you make it
unresizable, either you make it - resizable.
It's no big deal to view a site made for 640*480 when your screen res is
1280*1024... you'd better make it work anyways for 640*480.
AND if you can make it resizable, it's even better. It just implies that you
don't use too many pictures or photographs for the layout.

My 2 cents

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