[thelist] Pop-up when user leaves site.

Don Makoviney DonM at allensysgroup.com
Mon May 21 07:15:04 CDT 2001

Actually, it is not impossible. Go over to fortune.com. . . .view an
article. . . .then try and go to another site, like Yahoo or something. At
that point the site determines that you are leaving and instantiates a
pop-up window.

Any ideas? I am thinking that using ASP I can check the new domain or IP out
and see if it matches my IP. If not, then do an onunload popup.

Any other ideas would be much appreciated.



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>I want to have a pop-up window come up when a user leaves my website.
>I have found several scripts that work when a user leaves a "page", but I
>only want the pop-up to come up when they leave the "site".
>Know what I mean?

In practice this can't be done, because you cannot find out if the new page 
is from a new site. If the page is in another site you're not allowed to 
read out the location, so you cannot tell the location of the new page.

So: this is impossible.


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