[thelist] ColdFusion Folder Upload

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Mon May 21 09:18:35 CDT 2001

> > I need to upload an entire directory/folder in ColdFusion. I tried
> > putting the folder in a variable then set that as the FILEFIELD in the
> > CFFILE tag, like this:
> 	-- Another thing you could look at would be having the user
> use Winzip to
> zip up a bunch of files in a directory.  After uploading the .zip
> file, you
> could then use Ben Forta's cfx_zip tag
> (http://devex.allaire.com/developer/gallery/info.cfm?ID=CA347298-2
> 830-11D4-A
> A9700508B94F380&method=Full) to manipulate the zip file.

Be careful with this tag. I once tried to use it to zip and delete (which
should be a feature of the tag if I remember correctly). When I ran the tag
one time, I got hit by that lovely IIS feature of "Let me lock the file for
you, sir!". So, what happaned? The CFX_ZIP tag got confused and began
zipping c:\*.*. Obviously, this was not a good thing. Not really a fault of
cfx_zip itself... but, just so you know.

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