[thelist] Javascript question

Damien Cola damien.cola at synaptique.co.uk
Mon May 21 09:33:15 CDT 2001

Hello, I get an error of the type
"access disallowed from scripts at http://sitea.synapdev.com/tag.htm
to documents at another domain."

basically, on sitea I have a call to a javascript
<script language="javascript"

and my javascript looks like this:

cm_arg =
// do we want to know about screen resolution and color depth ?
// cm_arg+="&RES="+r+"&COL="+c;

i = new Image(1,1);
i.src = cm_arg;

I have spotted the TOP.LOCATION.HREF is giving this error message when I
have the page sitea.synapdev.com/tag.htm embbed in a frameset (the frameset
is from yet another site, siteb.synapdev.com)

I wonder if this error comes from my server setup (?) or if it is a
javascript feature that can be worked around.. ?
My goal being to get top.location.href  (it should give
http://siteb.synapdev.com/frameset.htm )

Anyone can help me? Any idea at all?

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