[thelist] Quicktimemovie into flash 5.0

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon May 21 11:19:17 CDT 2001

It's impossible in every direction!

You can't embed a Quicktime movie in a SWF.

You can add a Flash track to a Quicktime movie, but only Flash 4 
actions will work in Quicktime 5.

The only way you can accomplish what you want would be to export your 
Quicktime movie as a bitmap sequence with a frame rate equal to your 
Flash movie, and then import that sequence into Flash which might 
work for a very short QT movie or be OK for a CD ROM. When I did that 
for a project, I found all the info I needed on the Macromedia site.

>I'm looking for the best way to integrate a quicktime movie into flash 5.
>At the moment I put the movie into a new scene and link it with another one.
>It doesn't work so far...I tested it in the preview mode..and I'm not sure
>if the loadingtime of the movie stays accetable..Any suggestions or links
>for tutorials???

- Erik Mattheis

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