[thelist] Aimster must give up domain to AOL

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon May 21 11:38:07 CDT 2001

I usually don't get involved with philosphy-type discussions on thelist, but this article kind of hit a nerve with me..  This has some pretty heavy implications.

Aimster must give up domain to AOL

I think it's interesting that this napster-like service (which has had some run-ins with the RIAA as well) has been basically shut down by having it's domain name taken away by what would appear to be a company with very strong ties to the RIAA..

AOL says that Aimster doesn't have the right to use it's copyrighted sequence of letters "AIM" in it's name, though the Aimster service isn't (as I understand it) even similar to the Instant Messenger product.

Am I just being silly, or does this seem like one of those underhanded, "the end justifies the means" type dealings by "the man"?  Thoughts/comments?


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