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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon May 21 11:56:32 CDT 2001

Hi Marcia,

Perl is used a lot ... for a lot of different things.

I've used it more for 'quick' file manipulation than for 'web-things' so far
... but I'm still a perl-newbie.

Some of the Perl books on my shelf:

Learning Perl on Win32 Systems - O'Reilly  {Not too bad to read}

Programming Perl - O'Reilly  {May be a little 'deep' if you don't have any
programming background}

Perl Cookbook - O'Reilly  {Probably not a 'beginning' book}

Mastering Regular Expressions - O'Reilly  {Probably not a 'beginning' book}

Perl and CGI for the WorldWide Web - Elizabeth Castro - Peachpit Press
{Pretty easy reading}


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If so could you recommend any books or sites to help me learn Perl?

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