[thelist] Perl

Matt m at pleonasm.com
Mon May 21 11:56:42 CDT 2001


I would absolutely, definitely say that the only way to go is with the
O'Reilly Perl series (http://perl.oreilly.com). Start with "Learning Perl"
to learn the basics, then read "Programming Perl" to go deeper. These books
are written by people deeply involved with the language, and feature
forewords from its creator, Larry Wall. I was coding Perl CGI scripts
within a week after reading these books. The examples are great, the
explanations are clear, and it is all written with honesty and humour.

I've always got the best prices at Bookpool (http://www.bookpool.com).
Right now, for example, Programming Perl (3rd edition) is $29.50 at
Bookpool, compared to the list price of $49.95. Amazing.

If you can wait until July, the new (3rd) edition of "Learning Perl" will
be published then, covering Perl version 5.6.

Perl is great.

HTH ... Matt

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