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Thanks, err, Mr. Koch. (How shall I address you, sir?)

I might think, then, that the security mechanism is what is prohibitive
about reading it out. It must, although I can't find this on
ontent=sec.htm, return a security exception or an undefined variable which
would generate a runtime error, does this sound right?

So, generally speaking, it would seem that site-experience management is not
very well developed in the web model. As deke points out in his latest post,
the web is stateless. What I wonder is the usefulness of capturing the
transition from one site to another. Perhaps in terms of security, privacy,
credibility, etc., it may be useful to know of transitions from and to other
sites. But, wait, maybe this is where third-party certification steps in... 


BTW, is this level of <euphemism>abstract thinking</euphemism> allowed in
this list?

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>Based on this fact, is it then possible to determine when one leaves the 
>site when one is not able to read the location of the next page?

I tried this but it didn't work. It's very hard to say 'if you cannot read 
out this property' in JavaScript. Suggestions are welcome.

Of course you might try using the onError event handler, but I was hoping to

find something more general. After all, onError is a dangerous event since 
any error may fire it, not just the error you're looking for.

>Or is being unable to read it not a function of where one is?

No, if it can't be read out you're on a page from another server. The 
problem is that you cannot read out whether or not you're allowed to read it

out <g>.


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