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[dull stuff snipped]

I forgot a tip - sorry, here's one to make up.

<tip>If you want to make the first paragraph in a sequence have no indent, but
with the following paragraphs having an indent, *and* you don't want to use a
lot of nasty class attributes to do it, CSS2 contextual selectors provide an
easy way. The E+F type selector (select element F immediately preceded by
element E) Is a really easy way to do this:

P { font: 12pt/18pt a font; text-indent: 0; }
P+P { text-indent: 12pt; }

The P+P selector will select all <P> tags that are immediately preceded by a <P>
tag, which is all <P> tags except the first in a sequence. i.e.
<h2>head</h2><p>first para</p><p>next para</p><p>more para</p>.

Since the first para is immediately preceded by an <H2> the P+P selector won't
match it, so its text-indent remains zero.

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