CSS2 was RE: [thelist] Aimster must give up domain to AOL

Matt Patterson ltu97mp at reading.ac.uk
Mon May 21 15:00:05 CDT 2001

On 21/5/01 at 3:51 pm, ronwhite at members.evolt.org (Ron White) wrote:

> Will this work if there are any other tags in the paragraphs?? Or do you
> have to give up using any other tags for this to work?

It works. It's dependent on Siblings - elements which are on the same level, in
terms of hierarchy, as each other:


The two <P>s at the same level as <h2> and <div> are siblings of those elements.
The <B> is a child of the <P> that contains it, so it doesn't affect the
relationships between its parent and its parent's sibling elements. The <P>s
which are children of the <div> (a film, surely...) are siblings of each other
but not of the first two <P>s.

That probably doesn't make much sense, sorry.



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