[thelist] CSS Contextual Selectors (was "Aimster must give up domain to AOL")

Matt Patterson ltu97mp at reading.ac.uk
Mon May 21 16:21:30 CDT 2001

On 21/5/01 at 1:10 pm, webmaster at equilon-mrc.com (James Aylard) wrote:

>     ...Provided that you understand that it will work in few browsers
> currently in use (Netscape 6.x and Opera 3+). It will *not* work in any
> version of IE, up to and including IE 6 PP1 -- nor, unsurprisingly, in
> Netscape 4.x.

No, but IE5/Mac Opera 5 and Mozilla/Netscape 6 is pretty good, and IE6 beta
certainly supports P+P and I think that 5 and 5.5 do to - although I can't
remember for certain. As far as other contextual selectors go the field does
become rather more limited, the articles about redesigning ALA are a case in
point and make interesting reading. 



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