[thelist] Difference between <strong> and <b>

J. Blanchard jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Mon May 21 16:44:00 CDT 2001

It's surprising, but I've been using HTML for a significant portion of my life and I don't know the difference. I was reading the guidelines for article submissions to Evolt, and it was talking about <strong> defining structure and <b> defining style. The same went for <em> and <i> tags.

    What's the difference? Why is it important?
<strong> and <em> came first, then <b> and <i>, which became popular for use with the <font> tag. <font> has become depricated, possibly <b> and <i> will follow as <strong> and <em> more closely follow the origianl spirit if HTML and separating content from mark-up.

There is no real difference, except for that pesky habit of some browsers to employ one recommendation while another ignores recommendations all together.

On another note, you said, "I've been using HTML for a significant portion of my life." Are you really that young? :)


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