[thelist] [OT] Age (was: Difference between <strong> and <b>)

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Mon May 21 18:11:46 CDT 2001

> From: "Quicksilver" <qsfc at home.com>

> I'm 16, and I've been using HTML since I was 12 or 13 (although I wasn't
> using it very well when I started :).
> Why, how old are most people on this list?

Good God. I'm suddenly feeling a very ancient 29.

We have network admins and programmers working for us who are 20, 21 and
thereabouts.  I initially found it comical in interviews to ask someone who
is 20, "And how long have you been coding in Perl?"  I now find it just
plain frightening when the answer is "Eight years."


Browser Sizing (Testing)

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1/3 of the way down :o)  Very useful for lazy folks like me.

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