[thelist] Freelance Proposal letter

Moniruvwe Orife moni at teamsphere.com
Mon May 21 21:11:22 CDT 2001

When working as a freelance designer/devloper, (as I know a lot of the
people who read this have or currently are) the inital proposal/contact
letter is very important.  I've never actually used one of these, as the
communication for my past freelance work has always primarily vocal.  In any
case, I have to do one of these now & it's a little intimidating because I
want to make a good impression.
The client is in the business of firearms/fireworks (is this why i want to
make a good impression? ;)  ) and currently has a static 1st generation
website that primarily comprises a parts/price listing.

I know I want to cover certain areas,
- initiate conversation about the purpose & functionality of the site
(perhaps by suggestion & showing him other similar websites)
- initiate conversation about the look & feel (again, perhaps by suggestion)
- technical aspects such as domain name registration and website hosting
- a small note about the benefits of a well designed website (first
impression, design, content, usability, credibility, etc.)
- discuss pricing

That's what i'm thinking right now.  Did I leave anything out?  Do you have
any suggestions?  Do you have any sample letters that i can take a look at?


	- moni

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